Leadership Training in Auckland

The New Zealand Leadership Programme (NZLP) is an immersive, year-long learning journey that helps participants strengthen their connection to Aotearoa New Zealand, the planet, and their communities. This course prepares participants to be 21st century leaders who navigate uncertainty and live with great purpose and heart.

Professional Agile Leadership Essentials

Professional Agile Leadership Essentials (PAL-E) is a two-day training course for managers and leaders who want to learn how to effectively guide and support agile teams. It provides managers and leaders with the tools necessary to develop agile teams and create a culture of innovation. Participants will learn the principles and techniques of agile leadership as well as how to apply the principles in their own organization.

PAL-E teaches participants how to build an agile work culture by using a combination of classroom instruction and team-based exercises. The course also provides an introduction to how to empower and inspire agile teams to achieve their goals. Whether you are leading a Scrum Team or working as a senior executive who sponsors the transformation of an organization, this course will provide you with the necessary skills to create an agile environment where everyone is empowered to work at their highest level.


The CliftonStrengths leadership development tool provides a unique opportunity for leaders to develop awareness of the strengths of others and to develop the confidence needed to coach them. This tool also helps create a more engaged, motivated, and successful team. It focuses on building people’s passions and strengths, thereby creating a sense of team unity.

In a CliftonStrengths Leadership Development program, participants become aware of their strengths and learn to deliberately invest in them. The coaching sessions use self-reflection and coaching techniques to help participants maximize their strengths and potential. This method has been proven to boost engagement at work and in life.

Strengths-based leadership

Strengths-based leadership training Auckland is a great way to develop your team members and enhance their performance. The strengths-based approach is based on a research report by Gallup that reveals the most successful leaders invest in their employees’ strengths. The study found that companies with a focus on strengths have an 8x higher engagement rate than companies without such a focus. The strengths-based approach helps leaders identify, capitalize on, and develop people’s unique gifts, abilities, and passions to increase productivity.

The scientists at Gallup have studied leadership for decades and have compiled the results in a report called Strengths-Based Leadership. The report was based on interviews conducted with more than 20,000 managers and work teams. In addition, they surveyed more than ten thousand individual contributors to understand why they follow a leader.

DISC behavioural styles framework

DISC is a proven behavioural styles framework for leadership training. It helps individuals understand their own strengths and weaknesses as well as the strengths and weaknesses of others. Using this framework, leaders can learn how to manage conflict and build trust among team members. It also helps improve communication between team members.

The DISC behavioural styles framework is simple to use. This framework describes four different types of behaviour. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to understand and adapt your style according to the situation. DISC profiles help you to become aware of your personality type, and being aware of your own style is the first step to learning and developing.
Developing diverse teams

Developing diverse teams is a key element of the success of any organisation. It requires the right skills and tools to ensure a harmonious working environment. This leadership workshop teaches participants how to communicate effectively, avoid conflict and develop a framework to lead effective teams. Based on leadership theory and core management skills, this workshop includes a workbook and morning or afternoon tea.

This programme is aimed at developing the leadership skills of First Line Managers. First Line Managers are responsible for leading and directing diverse teams to achieve company objectives and goals. They should be capable of managing teams with a multicultural approach and meeting the kaupapa of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. This programme teaches participants how to build diverse teams in the workplace.

Investing in additional coaching after the course

If you have completed a leadership training program and are looking to develop leaders in your organisation, you may want to consider investing in additional coaching. You can hire a professional coach or choose to work with a peer coach. It’s important to set an example for your team by investing in your own development and investing in the development of others. If you don’t invest in yourself, you won’t be able to help your team develop.