A Guide to Gates and Balustrades in Tauranga

A gate completes the aesthetic design of your property and also provides boundary fencing and security. Your gates should be easy to open and close, as well as being durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

If you’re unsure about which type of gate would suit your home, talk to Tauranga’s fence and gate specialists. They’ll help you choose a gate that matches your existing fence structure and style.

Vertical Pivot Gates

A vertical lift gate system is a great vehicle barrier solution when the ground or terrain doesn’t allow for swing gate or slide gate installations. They open and close by lifting up and down, like a railroad crossing arm.

They provide much faster vehicular processing speeds compared to slide gates. They can typically open or shut in 8 seconds, making them ideal for high volume control points.

Because they are heavy metal pieces of machinery moving up and down on a set of grooves, they must be properly maintained to ensure safe, quality operation. This is true of any gate system, but it is particularly important with VPGs because they don’t hide internal components away from pedestrian traffic like slide gates do. External components such as the drive chain and rail systems must be kept clean of ice, debris, and other environmental factors. These must also be lubricated, tensioned, and adjusted regularly to avoid operational failures or safety issues.

Bi-Folding Gates

The bi-fold gate is a great solution for driveways that are quite narrow as it only requires half the space of a normal swing gate. It is especially helpful if your driveway slopes upwards from the road and it would be difficult to fit in an inwards swinging gate.

A bi-fold gate is also useful if you have limited space because it can be opened from either direction and it doesn’t need to clear a whole lot of room like a swing or sliding gate. Another advantage is that it’s a bit more secure than a swing gate because you can be sure the hinges are securely fastened to the ground and not the wall.

Field Measurements: Inspect opening by recorder measurements and compare with shop drawings. Check for conformance with fabrication tolerances and the requirements indicated for kind, size and finish of accessory fittings and hardware. Ensure that all gates are ready for installation when delivered and that the site is prepared for them.

Electric Gates

Electrified gates protect farm animals and deter thieves. They can be used to control livestock in yards, feedlots and on the farm itself. Choose from high visibility electrified tape, swig or multi-strand gate systems. Tauranga Balustrades & Gates provides 100% New Zealand made gates and fencing.

Electric gates need space to move in order to open and close. Any static obstacle including walls, fences and your car in the area your proposed electric gates will open into could prevent them from operating.

An experienced installer will know what safety measures to install in your new electrical gates. They will also understand the laws surrounding gate automation safety.

During installation, electric gates Tauranga can be very heavy and difficult to handle. They are prone to damage unless handled with great care by a trained professional. When a gate is damaged or faulty it can cause serious injury. Badly installed gate automation may result in crushing, shearing or impact injury – the type of injuries that can kill.

Security Gates

A gate is a great way to increase your property’s security and privacy. Not only do they deter opportunistic thieves, but they can also help protect any outdoor assets you own, such as cars, caravans and boats. Having a gate outside your home can also improve your insurance premiums.

Driveway gates are the first thing a visitor will see, so they need to be strong and reliable. Fortunately, Tauranga Balustrades & Gates has an extensive range of gates that are designed for both style and strength.

Swing gates are a popular choice for homeowners, as they offer an attractive appearance with few moving parts. They’re easy to open and shut, but they do require a fairly level section free of obstacles for them to work. For more safety, these gates are fitted with automatic locking devices that can be controlled via a keypad, swipe card or intercom system. All gates are made in New Zealand and come with a powder coating that will last for years.