How to Use Images in a Content Moderation Image

Images are powerful tools in terms of influencing cognition and emotions. However, they can also be dangerous when used incorrectly.

It is therefore essential to systematically moderate user-generated content and images, keeping in mind what a business’ objectives are.

Depending on the image submissions that a brand receives, moderation can either be manual or automated. Automated content moderation can be faster and more efficient but it may not be as accurate as a human-powered moderation team.

Explicit Nudity

Explicit nudity means a state of undress so as to expose human male or female genitals, pubic area or buttocks with less than a fully opaque covering. It also includes the showing of a female breast with less than a fully opaque covering.

The Amazon Rekognition API uses a probability score to predict whether an image contains potentially explicit content. It then returns a moderation confidence value (from 0 to 100), which determines if the image is safe for public use.

Unlike manual moderation, this image moderation service is powered by machine learning models that process billions of pixels every day. It automatically scales to meet your needs and returns moderation results instantly. It also enables you to customize your moderation guidelines based on your business’s use case. Ultimately, the best type of moderation for you depends on your business’s size and volume of images. It is important to consider these factors before making your decision.


If you’re in the content moderation industry, you may have been exposed to violent images or videos. This exposure can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — a serious mental health condition that can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

One of the challenges with content moderation is the wide variety of images that appear on social media. These can include racy and sexual content as well as explicit or disturbing imagery.

A recent example is the live-streamed murder of a supermarket worker in Buffalo, New York. These violent videos have a powerful impact, amplifying extremist messages and inspiring future attacks.

CleanSpeak can help you moderate this content by automatically rejecting vulgar/sexual/harmful/violent images based on a risk level you set. It also records every action that a moderator takes, so you can verify your team is doing its job correctly. It even enables flagging for users to report harmful content that slipped through the cracks.

Brand Distinction

Brand distinction is a powerful way to drive added value for your brand. It can captivate the imagination, inspire people to take action and drive new business growth. But to achieve distinction, a company must authentically express its unique branding and character.

For brands, this means expressing values and a mission, showing a human side through specific layouts and natural voice and tone, establishing an emotional resonance with the customer, and being honest about how they are positioned in the market. Authenticity can also be expressed through creative use of imagery and text, highlighting the brand’s strengths. For example, Arm & Hammer created an entire line of products to accomplish more than just baking soda (additional uses for baking soda) and was able to drive a significant increase in sales through their innovative marketing approach. Sutler’s Spirit Co combines audaciousness with subtlety to rebel against clear glass bottles in the gin category.