How NZ Influencers Use Social Media to Promote Their Brands


There are many ways to promote your business through social media. Here are three examples of how NZ influencers use social media to build their brand. Annalee Muggeridge, Nicole Alyce, and Shannon Harris are some of the biggest names in NZ influencer marketing. While these women may not be household names in the United States, their online following is still very large. They are all active in the community and have loyal followers.
Shannon Harris

In the social media world,’micro influencers’ have a following of just a few thousand people, but they still have the potential to reach a large audience of prospective buyers. As influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular, agencies must learn about the analytics of their users to maximize their reach. Imogen Johnson, the founder of Johnson & Laird Management, says: “The importance of understanding influencer marketing is undeniable. It has become a battleground in recent years over who should be the owner of an influencer.”

When Shannon Harris was still a high school student, she stumbled upon YouTube videos, and eventually settled on a single makeup tutorial. While studying for a Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging at Massey University, she was dating someone and was experiencing debilitating anxiety. So, her free time was spent working on her YouTube channel and hanging out with friends. Eventually, she quit university and her job to pursue her dream of becoming an influencer.

Shannon Harris has been active on social media for eight years, and she’s gained a huge following. In fact, she’s now one of the top beauty influencers in the world, with over 1.5 million Instagram followers. She has also launched her own beauty line, xobeauty, which sells makeup brushes and fake lashes. Shannon’s videos have earned her a massive following on YouTube and on Instagram, and she has been recognised by Forbes as one of the world’s most influential people in the field.
Annalee Muggeridge

Annalee Muggeridge, a New Zealand-based beauty vlogger, is one of the most popular YouTube beauty influencers. Her videos have been viewed more than 3.5 million times, and her style-related posts have amassed nearly 90k subscribers. The Kiwi beauty vlogger has a loyal following, with more than one million subscribers and one million views. Reaching this audience is a key goal for many brands.
Nicole Alyce

Many New Zealand influencers have come under fire recently for posting inappropriate content. The Christchurch shooting left 50 people dead, including the shooter and his two accomplices. A 28-year-old man was charged with murder, but that hasn’t stopped critics from attacking the influencers who were responsible. In addition to Anderson, Simone Anderson was also hit for her posts about her weight loss journey. Anderson has nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram.

In one case, an influencer tagged a post as an advertisement and was subsequently criticized for doing so. In another instance, a complainant complained that a model’s commercial relationship with a gym caused her posts to appear untrue. But in a recent ruling, the Advertising Standards Authority upheld the complainant’s complaints against both Nicole Alyce and Simone Anderson. Despite the fact that both influencers had been given the same products, they had not properly disclosed that their posts were advertisements.